PolicePro comes out-of-the-box with a host of standard features to run your department. The real potential of this system is revealed by what comes next … the standard functionality can be tailored, and new features can be added, to meet your specific needs.

PolicePro’s primary market is police agencies from a few officers up to a hundred or so. Within that scope, the range of operations an average department will have is familiar and comfortable to us.

That said, PolicePro has wandered off the reservation to encompass campus public safety and University police agencies, SPCA investigators, hospital security, local, county and Statewide narcotics or investigative agencies, District Attorney’s offices, and police halfway around the world, among other things.

We have built custom residential and business alarm billing systems, hurricane evacuation protocol systems, extensive property management systems, complex dashboarding and reporting, and a host of other special functions for our users. Therefore, while the core of PolicePro remains standard, and any officer who has used it before from anywhere in the world will be comfortable in front of any other PolicePro installation, there will always be some differences built for the requirements of the given agency.

Is there something unique to your outfit that the mainstream software companies won’t address? Tell us about it at the Contact Us page!