How much work would it take to handle these requests with your current software?

  • “Who was that guy who robbed the Northstar Bank on Route 9 around ten years ago? Exactly when was that, and who was involved?”
  • “The homeowners over on North Manheim are driving me crazy. How many traffic stops have we made there, and how many tickets were issued? Give me last month and last year.”
  • “I’m thinking of officer Schmeckenbecker for the new detective promotion. How many burglary investigations has she been involved in? How many robberies? I also want to see every robbery investigative report she’s ever written, and I need it all in twenty minutes.”
  • “The DA’s Office needs the full case folder on that assault from last week, and they need it in their hands in ten minutes.”
  • “That sex abuse case from last night… I want those reports restricted to detectives and admin-level people only. Give everybody else the incident data and the people, but restrict the actual narratives. We don’t need that getting around; there were kids involved.”
PolicePro’s flexibility allows you to easily gather the information you need in a format that’s clear, concise, and ready for distribution. This system provides computer assisted dispatching and outstanding incident information management beyond the communications room. PolicePro runs every piece of your investigative and incident-based operations.

Select an option above to learn more about the many standard features of PolicePro, such as:

  • Minimal training required
  • Access from mobile computers
  • Access from iPad/iPhone
  • Integration with RICI Livescan
  • Integration with TraCS
  • Integration with eJustice
  • Efficient data storage
  • Document management
  • Customization available

We’re also confident you will find PolicePro’s reporting capabilities to be truly amazing, whether it’s a monthly Uniform Crime Report, or a summary of activity for Zone 3 in the third week of June. Either of these reports can be written to a single PDF with one click of a PolicePro Print button.

PolicePro-based departments have become or are becoming successfully accredited in New York, New Jersey and Alaska by their respective states. Contact us today to join in their amazement and success.