The presence and proliferation of known sex offenders in the community is putting a new burden on police departments still trying to catch up with Domestic Violence, Hate Crime and all the other initiatives that are tying up police in every jurisdiction. Even before the politics, sex offenders presented real potential dangers to the people, neighborhoods and way of life that your department is sworn to protect. Add the very real spectre of political crusaders, activists on all sides of the issue, and liability suits against your department and officers, and you’ve got your hands full.

County websites and sex offender registries provide a valuable service to the general public. However, to keep track of who is around and what they’re up to, you need a lot more … especially in a new political climate that is increasingly putting the burden of going out and periodically checking registered offenders right on the local police departments, with all the due diligence liabilities that go with such mandates.

PolicePro rides to the rescue with a brand new release of PolicePro Sex Offenders. The Sex Offenders program offers classic PolicePro ease of use and an eight year history of getting law enforcement software right. From periodic check-ins and contact tracking to live Internet mapping that instantly shows where the subject is living (and therefore proximity to sensitive areas like schools and shopping centers), Sex Offenders is a budget friendly no-brainer for busy police agencies.


Due diligence is everything these days. Sex Offenders includes:

  • Full address history tracking
  • Full known AKA tracking
  • Full vehicles tracking with photos
  • Full employment tracking
  • All Contact interactions, whether scheduled visits or incident related
  • Photo gallery for every scheduled check-in or visit
  • Narrative reporting for Contact reports
  • Google mapping on address location


Sex Offenders is available for $599 for a single user install on Windows or Mac OS X which can be used within the department or on a PD laptop. You can download a trial version (Windows OS) which allows you to work one person. When you’re ready, gives us a call to purchase the full unlock code.