The PolicePro Leads function has managed real-world cases such as missing persons investigations that spanned multiple years with hundreds of leads managed.

PolicePro was born in the detective division, originally created to run operations in the investigative side of policing. Though it has grown far beyond that start, it still has strong roots in that world. Over the years and through several major real world investigations, including a multi-year serial killer case, PolicePro’s lead management abilities grew. We wrote a standalone version for major cases called CaseBook (which still persists), and over time moved much of CaseBook’s logic back into PolicePro where it originally started.

Leads tracking starts at the Activity or Leads tab on the Dispatch report, the jumping-off point for detective investigations. All the normal information from the Dispatch ticket is available, but with some additional fields for detective or investigative personnel assigned, crime scene documentation, and case closure information. An investigator or supervisor can quickly review any open case here and cross-reference with criminal activity stored elsewhere in PolicePro. This component can be used for a wide variety of uses from phone messaging to case progression, limited only by your creativity.

Leads can be tagged with relevant persons involved with a simple mouse-click, much like Criminal Complaints are created. Over the life of a long, complex case, people’s involvements and connections can be reviewed and identified. A Trip Ticket metaphor allows paper assignment sheets to be generated and given to the assigned detective, which are eventually returned to PolicePro with any relevant attachments when the Lead is closed.

  • Case Folder feature: Click one button to collect every piece of data on any incident as printed or electronic document (PDF), ready to go to the DA’s office
  • Trip Ticket logic for paper trail on Leads investigative work
  • Entire trail of investigation reviewable on one screen, from a couple of days to several years
Leads Development