PolicePro features full arrest and booking functions. Arrest charges can be quickly selected from lists of common Penal law or local laws. Officers can add unusual charges on a per case basis, or choose to add those charges to the law library for future use.

PolicePro booking tracks prisoner property and detention cell actions as well. If your state requires checking on held prisoners at specified intervals, all that data can be tracked right on the Arrest report. Booking photos display in color, can be displayed fullscreen and appear on printed or PDF arrest reports. If you’re out looking for a person on a bench warrant, if you have the arrest card (or a laptop or even an iPad with the entry on it), then you’ve got his or her picture as well.

Since everything in PolicePro is incident-based, the Arrest function also keeps track of codefendants in any case. Two years down the line, you can look back and see who a particular person has been arrested with in the past. Helpful for investigations!

In 2012, we added the capability to close multiple cases with a single arrest or arrests. If you have a series of burglaries, now any or all of them can be closed with an associated arrest, saving needless paperwork, typing and filing. For even more time-saving, we can also pull RICI LiveScan booking information (including the arrest photo) into the PolicePro arrest card without requiring duplicate data entry.

  • Full arrest booking with digital photos
  • Linked codefendants and vehicle data for powerful investigative searches
  • Integration with RICI LiveScan systems to eliminate double-entry
  • “Intelligent” fields for guided UCR data entry
  • Penal Law charges selected from list: no typing!
  • Output to paper or PDF for easy transfer to another agency or DA’s/Prosecutor’s Office
Arrests Screen