We’ve taken PolicePro’s person handling far beyond what most police software does. Why? Because we have almost fifty years of actual police experience ourselves and know how frustrating and time-consuming the “normal” way of doing things can be, including how little connection there is between what most cops do and what most programmers think they do. PolicePro gets it right.

PolicePro is smart enough to keep track of people in two ways: Names and Contacts. Anyone your department comes in contact with, whether it’s due to case involvement or a traffic stop, gets a Name record entry in the Master library. If yours is a campus agency with known populations of students and staff, PolicePro can even link to the campus SQL database for basic Name information, if policy allows.

Let’s take our friend, Stanley Gold, as an example. He’s one of those known headaches who appear on our radar again and again. So, PolicePro uses only one Name record to identify Mr. Gold, and multiple Contact records to detail his long and colorful history with us. These Contact records also track his address and telephone information as given at each particular incident.

  • View an individual’s entire interaction history from one screen
  • Easily access prior address information and phone numbers
  • Associate new contact information with the known individual’s history without entering redundant values
Master Names List