Due Diligence: What have you done to TRY and prevent problems?

Any activity involving a person with a warrant on them can be logged in seconds in the Warrants area of PolicePro. Whether it’s a routine mailing of a notice to appear in court, a cop knocking on the door of the last known address, or even a casual mention of the person from a citizen calling in – all of this should be recorded. It is not enough to walk into court and say, “We did all kinds of stuff to try and find this guy,” without the documentation to back it up. With even a small amount of energy or structure, PolicePro can help you maintain best-practices.

This history of due diligence is especially important when dealing with Domestic Violence warrants. In such situations, not only is the potential victim at considerable risk, but your agency can also be put in a difficult position should that person end up committing another violent act.

Warrant Tracking in PolicePro works just like Leads in the detective cases area to document the actions the police department takes to try and locate people. Search options allow you to easily isolate all open DV warrants with one click, showing how many are outstanding and what action has been taken.

When a warrant is executed, the record becomes inactive but remains in the system, providing yet another potentially valuable piece of historical information.

    • Streamlined process encourages best-practices
    • Maintain a comprehensive history of activities to demonstrate adequate due diligence
    Warrant Tracking