The Dispatch Ticket and its related screens are the heart of the PolicePro system. As information gets added to an incident, it all shows up on the Dispatch Ticket. Green arrows appear automatically on sections with content such as criminal complaints, evidence, prior activity at this location, statements, stolen property, traffic tickets, accident reports, vehicles or even detective division or investigative activity.

  • Touchscreen-enabled Dispatch Center
  • LightBar for at-a-glance status of your cars or posts, including time and location of current activity
  • HotList displays for easy management of open, assigned and pending calls
  • Instant access to comprehensive history of prior incidents at the same location
  • File Cabinet electronic file storage for evidence photos, surveillance videoes, audio recordings, and documents
Dispatch Screen

  • PolicePro is information art. A good dispatcher with a couple of weeks practice and a little imagination can play PolicePro like a piano. –Dave @ Steamboat Data Systems